At Insight we specialize in hunting many of the Northern Territories most spectacular fly munching predators, amongst some of the worlds most spectacular scenery.We hunt in estuaries, on ocean flats, and at a wide variety of islands, off shore reefs, inland streams and freshwater billabongs.Here are some examples of some magnificent specimens caught by some of our anglers.

Spanish Mackerel
Mackerel are supreme offshore hunters. Often found in large schools feeding on smaller bait fish, they attack from below spearing up to 5m into the air. Extremely fast ocean predators, the "Spaniard" grows to over 30 kg

One of the worlds oldest fish, the Saratoga loves surface flies. Its extremely aggressive nature makes for great visual fishing. Saratoga live in the beautiful freshwater billabongs of the Northern Territory, hiding amongst lily pads and Pandanus trees. Grows to 6kg plus.

One of our fastest sportfish. Inhabits saltwater estuaries, reefs and ocean tidal runs. The larger specimens often prey individually. Encounter on the flats are awesome with electrifying runs and great acrobatics.  Grows to 10kg plus

Australia's premier sport fish. Inhabits both salt and fresh water. A very spectacular and efficient predator which hunts across saltwater flats and rock bars. A post wet season target in freshwater, the "Barra" often grows to over 30kg.

Mangrove Jack
A member of the Lujanid family, "jacks" are tough, snag-dwelling predators. Travelling in schools, a "jack attack" is an experience that you will never forget. Commonly found around 2kgs, can grow to over 8kg

Threadfin Salmon
Hunting in groups, known as "Wolf Packs", the Threadfin inhabits saltwater estuaries and rivers. An exceptional shallow water hunter, the "Thready" is characterised by powerful runs and spectacular aerials. Grows to over 15 kg.

Golden Trevally
Inhabiting the waters of the Northern Territory, the Golden Trevally is often encountered with its cousin the Giant Trevally. A much cleaner fighter than the GT, Goldens grow to 15kg plus.

Northern Longtail Tuna
Northern Longtail Tuna are common in the waters of the Top End. These ocean speedsters are know for their electrifying runs and are most commonly caught in the 5-10kg range.

"Megalops Cypronoidus". A cousin to the giant Atlantic Tarpon, they are a great light-tackle target in Northern waters. These aggressive fish put on fast runs with lots of aerials. Grows to 6kg.

Blue Salmon
The blue, or Burnett, Salmon is common in Northern Estuaries. Tough fighting fish readily accepting flies, often found in small pods. Grows to 6kgs

Giant Trevally
The thugs of the estuary. Tough and determined, a fight with a trevally can easily run into an hour. Often found in large schools on ocean reefs and hunting the edges of mangroves. The trevally is a true "dirty tricks" fighter. Grows to over 30kg

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