Things to be Aware of

Spectrum tides

7 Days before the new moon or full moon is when tides commencing on neap (no movement) expanding to spring (max movement) give clear water progressively moving. These are 2 ingredients needed for successful sight fishing. There is one full moon and one new moon in each month.

Time of Year

Our season runs March to November. Coldest months are June, July and August. It rarely rains between May and October.

Boat Capacity

Fly fishers are limited to one-on-one or two maximum. It is not practical to have additional people.


Free style fly fishing in Northern Waters is best utilising 8 weight or 9 weight (or 8/9 combo). Lines needed are floating and intermediate striper tapers with the addition of a relatively fast sinking line.


Outside of personal choice, most species are opportunistic. Favourite patterns are generic, clousers in white/silver, white/chatreuse, white/black/silver and black/silver in 1.0 and 2.0 hook sizes.


You should have :

  • good quality polaroid sunglasses;
  • strong sunblock;
  • insect repellant;
  • footwear without buckles or velcro straps;
  • adequate light clothing;
  • hat.